Throughout human history, plants have played a key role in treating human diseases. Throughout thousands of years of trial and error, humans found which plants were good for treating their ailments and which herbs would cure or help with their health problems. In recent human history, first the alchemists,then the chemists and medical scientists began to break down the plant components into chemical and molecular divisions and with that beginning, laboratories began to produce “man-made” drugs for treating human diseases. While pharmaceutically prepared drug concoctions serve humans well, the natural herbs and their uses continue to play a large role in the treatment of human diseases just as they have for thousands of years.

Herbs can be reduced to powders, ointments, salves, teas and many other forms for medicinal use by humans. Powders are finely ground leaves and stems of herbs, salves are thick oils or bees wax mixed with the powdered herb, teas are made by boiling the leaves in hot water…in these forms, the herbs are used to treat and cure diseases. When preparing herbs, make sure they are clean and dry, although there are a few occasions when the herb can be used freshly picked.

Here is a list of herbs used to treat human diseases:

1- Agar Agar-An algae from seaweed, it is a gelatinous natural thickener and is a natural laxative.

2- Agrimony - A valuable remedy for the digestive system it stimulates the digestive and liver secretions.. Also used dpc Watchdog Violation Windows 8 Vmware for throat irritation relief. Helps mfvthoxwallm skin problems.

3- Alder Tree-Use leaves for swelling.Used to relief inflammation of the breast and pains in the legs and feet.

4- Alfalfa -A highly nutritive herb, good for the pituitary gland, it alkalizes the body rapidly and detoxifies the liver.

5- Aloes-Such as Aloe Vera, are good for burns. Secret: Aloe Vera has been used to treat cancer and stomach problems.

6- Angelica-Use the plant and its seeds. Roots and leaves are prepared as medicine, the remainder of the plant are used in food preparations. This herb is a dpc Watchdog Violation Server 2012 R2 useful treatment for coughs and lung problems.

7- Aniseed -Use the dried fruit. Oil of Aniseed is used to treat intestinal problems and coughing. By making an ointment from oil of Aniseed; it can be used to treat lice on humans and fleas on pet animals.

8- Apple Tree-Use the bark to create a tonic that will treat gravel in the bladder and as a treatment is reducing fever. Grind the bark in a coffee bean grinder then make a tea by placing a teaspoon of the ground powder into a cup of hot dpc Watchdog Violation Asus water.

9- Arnica-Not to be taken internally, this is an excellent treatment for bruises and sprains. Used to treat joint pains. Make an herb powder then mix a half teaspoon of the powder with a teaspoon of Vaseline or mineral oil. Rub on irritated area.

10- Arrowroot-Use as a demulcent and nutritive food for urinary and bowel MLM Home Based Business affections in infants and invalids dpc Watchdog Violation Avg in convalescence.

These are a few of the thousands of herbs used to cure human diseases.

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